Our Volunteers ... what an amazing collection of individuals!  A little means a lot to the success of NRCA and the relationship with our volunteers is highly valued.  Here's just a few of the comments our volunteers have shared with us about their service with NRCA ...

"The staff at NRCA are second to none and it is an absolute pleasure to work with them all. We derive a lot of pleasure from our volunteering and we have met some great people through our association with NRCA. Thank you NRCA for giving us the opportunity to be volunteers with such a wonderful organization.”

Brian & Judith

“I moved to Ryde and enquired about volunteering opportunities at NRCA.  They made me feel very welcome and I was soon involved in a number of their programs.  All the programs offer something different in the way of volunteering.  I enjoy serving the nice meals provided to people at the luncheons, I regularly visit an elderly lady with the Volunteer Visiting Program and I feel valued and like a family member.   I particularly enjoy the Multcultural Mothers’ group as I love to see the babies growing and developing.  It is great to watch the friendship grow between the children and the mothers from different countries enjoying each others company - I remember what it was like to be in a new country with few English speaking skills.”


What a Feeling!!!   How fantastic it is to be a volunteer with NRCA, as it is a wonderful feeling to be able to help others and give something back to the community.  I am involved in a number of programs at NRCA, the Linen Service, Shopping Service and delivery of Christmas Hampers to our clients.  The Linen Service clients are very grateful for our help changing their bed with clean linen and fresh white towels every fortnight.  Relationships are being built with our clients which is the most rewarding aspect.  We work with a terrific team of volunteers enjoying each other’s company and the occasional coffee.   So do come and join us!!!!!!!


Comments from Terumo Corporation volunteers involved since 2007 in our Christmas Programs:

“Being involved in the volunteer program makes you realise how lucky we are. It also made me think about the suburbs around North Ryde which I had assumed were quite affluent, you don’t realise that poverty exists in all areas of society. I hope we can do this volunteer program next year.


”Volunteering was a great way to be of service to the community through an activity that was also personally rewarding. North Ryde Community Aid was the perfect match for us because hamper recipients are part of our local community. The activity was a small gesture but very worthwhile.”


“I really enjoyed the whole experience again this year. Seeing the pleasure on the faces of the people we delivered the hampers to and how grateful they were for them gave me pleasure too…….For us to give such a small amount of time to help an organization such as NRCA that do so much good is easy and I hope we keep participating as well as looking for other opportunities to help our local community.”Maggie

Peter D was asked to address the City of Ryde's Volunteer of the Year award.

"I really wasn't prepared for the great benefit to ME. I was just happy to be able to lend a hand to someone in very simple ways, by taking them shopping, to an appointment, even calling bingo at a social group, badly I might add. But I wouldn't be able to do any of this without the great support and backing of NRCA, headed by Helen Crouch, and her amazing and very committed staff."

Maree G explaining volunteering and what it means to her at the City of Ryde Volunteer awards ceremony.

"The Gift of Time is one of the most valuable and important of our God-given gifts and this gift is given so cheerfully, willingly and patienty by members of the Volunteer Service to those needing a helping hand, the frail aged, the sight impaired, those with loss of mobility and many other issues
This Gift of Time enables me to access banking facilities, attend medical appointments, do shopping, attend to personal business, to interact with others and aenjoy social outings.
To me personally, the Volunteer service means the difference between a housebound existence and the ability to continue enjoying life, remaining a functional, fulfilled member of the community and I thank all the Volunteers for their generosity of spirit and their dedication"

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