• Make new friends
  • Mix with people from different cultures and age groups
  • Feel part of a workforce
  • Improve self confidence
  • Practice communication and language skills
  • Enhance “life” experience......and so much more

How much time do I need to give in my volunteer work?

You can work as little as a few hours a month or a couple of hours each week. It’s up to you.

Of course we realise that you will need to take time out for holidays, family and other commitments.

All we ask is that you give timely notice of planned leave, notice of unexpected unavailability as soon as you can, and that you are regular and committed when you are available.

Before you volunteer, please take a moment to consider:

  • Why you want to volunteer
  • Your health and energy level. Please don’t commit yourself to a job you might find difficult
  • Your personal attributes, likes and dislikes
  • Do you want to work inside or outside, on short term projects independently or would you prefer to be part of a team working with other volunteers on regular services and programs?
  • The needs of your family and the demands of any other responsibilities – avoid promising time which you do not have
  • The days and times that you are available and whether you want a regular job or a temporary one
  • The skills and experience which you have to offer
  • The type of work which you really enjoy and the people you would like to work with ... this is a very important consideration as our volunteering opportunities are all in support of older people, those with a disability and their carers so as to assist them to stay in their own homes and live independently.

Volunteering does not mean hard labour - yet it is what you make of it. 

Our volunteers do a wide variety of work in a way which benefits the community

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