With the interests of our present and future clients as a priority, NRCA needs to be a strong, stable and viable community aid centre; holding strong ties to our funding bodies and our local council, as well as the corporate organisations and community residents of the area.

While our government funding is significant, it only equates to just 75% of our total income and its expenditure is heavily regulated.  Therefore, the costs associated with our staffing and the equipment needed to run our services and programs, is strongly reliant on fund raising activities.

Strategic partnerships with Ryde-based companies and corporations are essential and play an important role in our financial health.  Whether through sponsorship of our range of programs or events, or cash, in kind or time donations; citizenship contribution from within our community is vital for NRCA’s sustainability, enabling it to deliver vital services for our frail aged, disadvantaged, disabled and their carers.

We publicly, proudly and gratefully acknowledge the following companies for their generosity to NRCA and encourage patronage of these responsible local and global corporate citizens.


Our Sponsors



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