North Ryde Community Aid & Information Centre ‘s (NRCA) is a not for profit organisation reliant on government funding and community generosity. Our governing charter is to the enhance well-being of the frail, aged and disabled (and their carers) within our Community. Providing choices, assistance and services with care and dignity.

We have a two pronged approach:

Aged Care Service

Assisting with a range of Home & Community Care services with the goal of enabling the elderly in our community
to be more independent and to remain in their own homes longer.

Community Services

NRCA in an agreement with State Government and its Department of Family & Community Services, acts as a local Community Hub for information, resources and services to all community members, providing assistance to the socially and financially disadvantaged within our community.

The Ryde Community

Ryde was the third area of European settlement in Australia, founded in 1792.  Located just 12kms north-west of central Sydney where the Parramatta and Lane Cove Rivers meet, NRCA serves the residents of Ryde from Marsfield in the north, to Pittwater Road in the East, Top Ryde in the south and the Eastwood/Denistone East boundary to the west of our Centre. It comprises 40.65 km².

Today, the population of the City of Ryde is approximately 110,157 and growing, comprising people of diverse cultural backgrounds.  Of our local population 8.4% are aged 70-84 and 2.4% are over 85 years of age with 4.4% of the population reporting a need for assistance with core activities.

Our Logo

Symbolises the community’s diversity and harmonious living in North Ryde.  The Earth's 5 continents, represented by the fins, join as our world globe.  Australian eucalyptus leaves depict the diverse environment and population in Ryde from other lands and are joined at the feet, reflecting our area's unity.  Being encircled is the notion of North Ryde’s community spirit.

Our Vision
A well connected, independent and better quality of life for our community members

Our Mission
Providing choices to enhance lives

Our Values
Care, Dignity and Respect for Diversity and Disadvantage


Our Centre at 4 Cutler Parade, North Ryde is open between 9am and 4pm on Mondays through Fridays (excluding public holidays) so pay us a visit.

We welcome enquiries regarding our services and programs. 

Volunteers are vital to our work so volunteer work enquiries are most welcome.

For non-English speakers - we offer a free telephone Interpreter please call 13 14 50.

We look forward to being of assistance to you

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