Community Services

We are equally proud of our non-HACC services and our role in assisting families within our geographic area. This work is made  possible due to funding assistance by NSW's Family & Community Services and the support of regular donations of cash and inkind contributions from the Community and Sponsors.

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Multicultural Mothers Group

Friday mornings during School Term weeks

These regular gatherings are open to mothers in the community and their bubs aged 0-5 years.  It is an opportunity for local mothers, irrespective of language and cultural background, to gather, chat, make new friends, exchange mothering tips or simply enjoy a cup of tea and cake in a safe and comfortable environment for their children.

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Computer Classes

Society as a whole, and individuals within society, are being significantly affected by IT. In a society that claims to offer equality of opportunity, there is a need for equity of access to information, and hence to the infrastructure whereby information is accessed. Currently, the Internet and the world-wide web are accessible for relatively low costs and it is becoming hard to avoid using a computer.

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Food Relief

NRCA operates an emergency food program  sustained through donations of non perishable food items from caring local residents, church and community groups. Through their generosity we are able to provide food items to the disadvantaged within our community. Low-income families and individuals can face chronic and/or acute shortages of funds to sustain themselves - limiting their ability to purchase food and essential items. This is especially so for vulnerable groups such as women, children and the elderly.

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Christmas Cheer

“It’s the Season to be Jolly”…for many in our community this is just a hollow mantra when Christmas comes around.  Through generous donations from the community, service clubs and local corporations NRCA each year coordinates a program of Christmas Hampers to ensure those who are isolated or less well off, have a joyous "Silly Season".

Our hampers are packed and prepared by staff and volunteers and delivered by our dedicated team of volunteers to the socially or financially disadvantaged within our community. It is a gift that can make a real difference in peoples lives. We welcome food donations and your time. To enquire ring us on (02) 9888 3380.

Community Garden

Gardening is one of the best ways to de-stress and relax. Those who love gardening will agree it fills them with happiness to see the results of their work. Enjoying soil under your fingers can reap great benefits. From growing tasty, healthy vegetables to just enjoying the outdoors.

There is a personal pride in growing your own food and dining on the fruits of your labour. Work in our community garden where we grow flowers, herbs and some vegetables in easy to assess raised garden beds.  The rewards are delicious.

Community Library

"Books are the mirrors of the world. Books are the mirrors of life” - have you read any good books lately?

Reading is an activity from which everyone benefits. It doesn't matter whether you read fiction or nonfiction. Reading just thirty minutes every day improves vocabulary and helps you develop critical thinking and analytical skills, among a plethora of other benefits.

If you’re one of countless people who don’t make a habit of reading regularly, you might be missing out: reading has a significant number of benefits:

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