Sometimes referred to as "Neighbour Aid", this is a Social Support Program that is used irregularly by clients.  All these services are reliant on the availability, capacity and generosity of our NRCA volunteers and arranged through our Social Support Co-ordinator.

Our Social Support Co-ordinator, Kirby will be happy to help you understand this NRCA service.  Kirby is available on Mondays, Wednesdays and until 1pm each Thursday at the Centre.

Garden Assistance

We can arrange a volunteer to spend 30-60 minutes helping a client to trim a hedge or a few light branches, weed a small garden bed, help plant a bed or some pots of perennials or perhaps even feed their roses or camelias.  The assistance is not designed as regular maintenance and if such a service is required, we recommend Easy Care Gardening (

Home Maintenance

While there are professionals to undertake repairs and true maintenance needs, an NRCA volunteer can be requested to visit and fix a broken towel rail, install a picture hook, replace ceiling light bulbs or maybe fix that dripping tap by replacing the washers.  Any supplies required are at the cost of the client although the volunteer is usually happy to pick up what is required and be reimbursed.

Individual Transport

Our committed volunteer drivers can be arranged to collect you at home, take you to your medical or legal appointment, and return you home.  This invaluable help is designed to ensure you are not alone for that medical test or visit, and that your return home is comfortable and that you have everything you need.  It is not intended as a taxi service, nor an outing with multiple stops.  It is to ensure the isolated or alone are not alone during significant appointments and that client care knowledge can be co-ordinated and implemented if necessary.  We recommend that at least five (5)  working days notice is given to us impending appointments.  Trips for appointments outside of the immediate area are not always possible and where we not assist, we refer our clients to Ryde Hunters Hill Community Transport (

Volunteer Visits

This program aims to reduce the isolation and loneliness felt by some of our elderly residents and younger disable residents who through reduced mobility, are less able to socialise outside of their home.   Clients are first visited by Heidi from the Centre to assess and understand the clients circumstances and needs. The client is then matched  with a volunteer with whom they keep in regular contact through phone calls and home visits.   Visits are usually a minimum of one hour on either a fortnightly or monthly basis. These visits allow time for a chat and a cuppa, to go for a gentle stroll, maybe play a game of cards or even watch a DVD.  Activities are based on the client’s individual  preferences with the intention of reducing the clients feeling of  isolation.

Kirby is available on Mondays, Wednesdays and until 1pm on Thursdays. 

Carolin will always assist if Kirby is otherwise engaged.

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