We offer a calendar of social gatherings including lunches, morning teas and outings by bus. Transport is organised and we offer a variety of nutritious home cooked meals. Nothing like getting out of the house and meeting old and new friends for companionship and conversation.


Each Monday

Pack up your knitting, crocheting or needlework and head to the Centre!  Each Monday, like-minded and clever residents of North Ryde come together to work on their various craft projects while meeting new friends and swapping advice, techniques and ideas on patterns and products.  The click of needles is only surpassed by the chatter and laughter, and the clinking of cups and saucers at afternoon tea time!

The Silver Tops

Every Tuesday

“A Girls Only Gathering” - Join us for our weekly ladies luncheon at the Centre.Women are connectors. They engage each other heart to heart. When women get in a room the ideas and conversation buzzes. So girls join us for luncheon, transport is provided and network with female friends and personalities from our community.

The Old 'n' Bold

Every Wednesday

"Just for the Boys" - a chance for the men to get together and talk man talk– sports, politics, family issues and ailments… while enjoying a nutritious home cooked meal and good company. Transport is provided. So men join us on a Wednesday to meet up and connect with old friends - and make some new ones!

Mix 'n' Minglers

Each Thursday

Our regular Thursday social gathering is one to look forward to, it allows you to meet  with old and potential new friends. It is no secret that social gatherings are one of the most enjoyable aspects of life; take advantage of them and make the most of your life and the benefits that come from attending them. Join us on a Thursday from 10am -12pm for games, crafts, guest speakers and friendship.

We look forward to welcoming you /p

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