NRCA's Shopping Program provides our clients with hands-on assistance to do their shopping, run personal errands and makes the exercise an enjoyable social outing.  The need for this service is not limited to just supermarket shopping as often clients wish to pay bills at the post office or visit their Bank or Medicare or find a birthday gift for a grandchild or buy a new outfit or household item. The list is endless! Which is why we introduced three different types of service: 

  • Social Shopping
  • Escorted Shopping
  • Shop by List

Social Shopping

Our Volunteer meets the client at one of three nominated shopping centres, accompanies them around the complex and the supermarket, then helps arrange the home delivery of their groceries.  Clients are transported to and from select shopping centre by Ryde Hunters Hill Community Transport (RHHCT) bus - a social excursion in its own right! 

RHHCT's schedule of shopping services is currently:

  • Macquarie Centre - Tuesdays & Fridays each week
  • West Ryde and Gladesville - Thursday each fortnight

Escorted Shopping

This is a totally personal service.  Our Volunteer collects our client from their home, drives them to the shopping centre, accompanies them around the shopping centre and helps them with all their errands and shopping needs.  The client is then driven home with their personal items any frozen foods. Groceries will be home delivered.

Shop by List

Perhaps circumstances or a medical condition does not allow a client to personally shop for their own needs, or phone, internet or credit card access is not a viable alternative.  In such cases, our client's list is determined and payment given so our Volunteer who alone undertakes the grocery shopping or runs (feasible) errands.  Delivery of the goods may be by the Volunteer or through  home delivery services for groceries, with receipts and change always returned to the client.

Why Home Delivery?

The safety and well being of our Volunteers is important to us and as part of  our commitment to their well being, we do not permit our Volunteers to lift heavy or multiple bags of items.  Major supermarkets offer moderately priced delivery services and we request clients to avail themselves of such services for their bulk and heavy purchases.

NB:  Every effort is made to match a Volunteer to a new client request, however, a further waiting list is likely due to demand.  Our Social Support Co-ordinator, Kirby  would be happy to help you understand this NRCA service.  Heidi is available on Mondays, Wednesdays and until 1pm each Thursday at the Centre.

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