Nothing like crispy clean sheets and towels professionally laundered.

The Linen Program is a fortnightly service which operates through the generosity of professionally laundered manchester provided by Alsco Linen Service. Volunteers will visit client’s homes to strip and remake the bed and replace towels.

No matter how capable our independent elderly may be, have you considered how strenuous it is for them to change their bedding?  It involves the loading of the linen into the washing machine, lifting out the wet sheets and towels, carrying them to the line and then hanging these heavy items on the line.  Removing them from the line, bringing them in and folding these awkward items!  Hard work for anyone, let alone our senior citizens!

We brighten up our Linen clients' morning by providing fresh linen!   Teams of two volunteers each have 4 or 5 client homes to visit each fortnight, on a Tuesday or Wednesday. They strip and make up the bed or beds using two flat white crisp sheets and two pillowcases before whipping into the bathroom to replace two white fluffy bath towels!

Regrettably, because of the popularity of this program and the availability of volunteers, there may be a waiting list for this service.  Our Linen Co-ordinator, Kaye, looks forward to helping you organise NRCA’s linen service.  Kaye is best contacted Tuesdays to Thursdays – of a morning at the Centre.

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