We are a resource to local elderly residents and their concerned families and carers. We offer consultation assistance, to help you navigate the numerous options and entitlements available to you through the Aged Care system. Our Coordinator can provide you with information, referrals, counselling and advocacy, directing you to the best resource options to meet your needs.

Client meetings and assessments are not overly formal, and well-behaved pets are always welcome!

NRCA's Client Care Co-ordination is about information, advocacy and referral.  Being unaware of available support services, or lacking access via a co-ordinated approach is why NRCA's Client Care program is so critical for our community.  It has been proven time and time again that our our co-ordination makes a significant improvement to clients' overall sense of wellbeing and increasing their confidence in their ability to enjoy an improved quality of life.

Do you need assistance or information about the wide range of support services and the practical help available to the aged, disabled and their carers?    Or on-going help with referrals to service providers?    Our specialist Client Care Co-ordinator, can give you practical help and direct you to allied health professionals, or, sensitively respond with support and links to essential services on issues you may face.

Our help to make referrals can be extended to undertaking advocacy for those with additional disadvantages.  Also, we can arrange use of free, professional interpreters, both face to face and on the telephone, for people from different language backgrounds so no cultural group in our North Ryde community should feel alone.  We always follow-up with you to monitor outcomes and to help reduce the risk of clients missing out on essential services.

Heidi Gardner our Client Care Co-Ordinator is available at our Centre on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

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