We offer a range of services to elderly Armenian residents, including our Armenian Senior Citizens Social Group.

The Armenian elderly often have English language barriers and find it very difficult - sometimes impossible - to access the required services they need.   Family members caring for the elderly might not have the same degree of language difficulty but they often have limited knowledge of support agencies, services or entitlements that can enrich the lives of their loved ones.

Through our specialist Armenian Co-ordinator Ophelia Amirchian, NRCA is able to ensure comprehensive support services to the Armenian residents of Ryde.  Reducing social isolation as well as implementing and monitoring  client care co-ordination and advocacy.

NRCA assisted to found the Armenian Senior Citizens Social Group some years ago to emphasise its  community commitment to Ryde's Armenian residents.  It now boasts over 100 members with Ryde Council's "Argyle Centre" in Blaxland Road, Top Ryde being a hub of friendship, engagement, entertainment, and cultural celebrations. Every Monday morning between 9.00am and 1.00pm there is  morning tea, music, games, laughter and special guests.

Every month, 'Armenian language' outings are arranged.  Destinations match the season ... whether it be a picnic on Manly Beach, a day trip to Berowra Waters for lunch in a cafe or a barbeque at Lane Cove National Park - these outings enrich the Armenian Community ad we provide and bus transfers door to door. 

Client Care Co-ordination is every bit as important. We act as an information or assistance source, helping with paperwork interpretation and completion. Our Armenian Co-ordinator can advise on government & private services, referral options or undertake advocacy representation to government departments such as the Department of Housing NSW on clients behalf. 

Armenian clients of NRCA avail themselves of all our social support programs and our pursuit of younger, bi-lingual English/Armenian speaking volunteers is growing to assist in the delivery of our in demand services.  Allowing us to grow our services to clients of all cultures, creating a strong multicultural bond of support and care and ensuring fewer individuals in the Ryde area are isolated or socially disadvantaged.

Enquire about our Armenian services through our specialist Armenian Co-ordinator Ophelia Amirchian:

  • Senior Citizens Social Group  Meet on Mondays between 10am and 1pm, except on the last Monday of the month
  • A Day Trip by Bus   On a predetermined Tuesday and Thursday of each month
  • Volunteer Visiting Program  Volunteersto the home of house-bound or isolated Armenian speaking residents
  • Client Care Co-ordination  Organised for the frail, aged, disabled and their carers within the Armenian community
  • Client Advocacy ...for Armenians needing language or cultural assistance with dealing with government departments and service agencies.

We welcome anyone who would like to volunteer to help with any of our Armenian services, or would like to know more about how we might assist you.  We look forward to hearing from you. 

Our specialist Armenian Co-ordinator Ophelia Amirchian is available at the Centre every Monday, Tuesday & Thursday.

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