Aged Care Services

NRCA can assist with a range of Home & Community Care services with the goal of enabling the elderly in our community to be more independent and to remain in their own homes longer.

Our Social Support Co-ordinator, Heidi, is available on Mondays, Wednesdays and until 1pm each Thursday at the Centre to assist you understand the range of services available.

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Social Events & Groups

We offer a calendar of social gatherings including lunches, morning teas and outings by bus. Transport is organised and we offer a variety of nutritious home cooked meals. Nothing like getting out of the house and meeting old and new friends for companionship and conversation.

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Shopping Program

NRCA's Shopping Program provides our clients with hands-on assistance to do their shopping, run personal errands and makes the exercise an enjoyable social outing.  The need for this service is not limited to just supermarket shopping as often clients wish to pay bills at the post office or visit their Bank or Medicare or find a birthday gift for a grandchild or buy a new outfit or household item. The list is endless! Which is why we introduced three different types of service: 

Social Support

Sometimes referred to as "Neighbour Aid", this is a Social Support Program that is used irregularly by clients.  All these services are reliant on the availability, capacity and generosity of our NRCA volunteers and arranged through our Social Support Co-ordinator.

Our Social Support Co-ordinator, Kirby will be happy to help you understand this NRCA service.  Kirby is available on Mondays, Wednesdays and until 1pm each Thursday at the Centre.

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Client Care Co-ordination

We are a resource to local elderly residents and their concerned families and carers. We offer consultation assistance, to help you navigate the numerous options and entitlements available to you through the Aged Care system. Our Coordinator can provide you with information, referrals, counselling and advocacy, directing you to the best resource options to meet your needs.

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Armenian Social Support & Care Co-ordination

We offer a range of services to elderly Armenian residents, including our Armenian Senior Citizens Social Group.

The Armenian elderly often have English language barriers and find it very difficult - sometimes impossible - to access the required services they need.   Family members caring for the elderly might not have the same degree of language difficulty but they often have limited knowledge of support agencies, services or entitlements that can enrich the lives of their loved ones.

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Linen Program

Nothing like crispy clean sheets and towels professionally laundered.

The Linen Program is a fortnightly service which operates through the generosity of professionally laundered manchester provided by Alsco Linen Service. Volunteers will visit client’s homes to strip and remake the bed and replace towels.

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